Drawing Machine… a Fitzjohn Invention


To begin the project we were gifted with the idea of the drawing machine. The idea of this machine is a small continuous sketchbook on the go. It was ideal as it allowed you to store it away easily when on a walk or even put a clear plastic bag around it to protect from the weather and still allowed you to draw.

The greatest function of this machine was that you would end up with a long continuous line of drawings and you could do anything with it. As the idea of the trips was to generate visual research, this machine was the key as it allowed you to produce fast and effective research which can be taken further into development.

This idea of working is one that will be continued into future work as a form of researching.


Things Behind the Sun

The second year of Field, I wanted to be able to go back to the roots of my education and this being drawing, paint, and the landscape and this particular choice, Things Behind the Sun, would gift me with this experience.

Taking part of this option, allowed me to experience the environment and landscapes of the Welsh coasts in ways that I haven’t been able to before. I have been able to think about the phenomenon experience and the sublime. Hopefully, these ways of seeing and being involved with nature will allow me to loosen up when it comes to drawing expression and mark making. The field trips to the Port Eynon, Gower and the Neath Valleys will also benefit me as I will be able to create a body of work slightly different to my practice again pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone and create a challenge.

Formative Assessment [November 2017]

Personal Statement (Yr 2)


1.A post that documents the work and responses made in the ideas lab.

Ideas Lab 1…

2.A post that documents the original artwork you chose and your initial ideas in response to it. 

Responses to Das New Yorker Atelier

3. A post that documents the original artwork you chose and your initial material responses to it. 

Untilted #1

4. A post that begins to clarify the thinking and process that is directing the development of your own original artwork(s) at this stage.

Untitled #2 [Fabric]

5. A post of your own choosing.

Tutorial [30/10/2017]



1. A post that demonstrates the most influential concepts you have gained from the Key Concept lecture series, with a brief description of how this has influenced your practice. 

Key Concept – Site Situation

2. A post that demonstrates a key contextual reference you found through your research into your initial chosen artwork, with a brief description of how this has influenced your studio practice. 

Wade Guyton, Das New Yorker Atelier, 2017 [Serpentine Gallery London]

3. A post that indicates a key contextual reference you have found through your research and visit to galleries. 

Torbjørn Rødland – The Touch That Made You [Serpentine 2017]

4. A post that indicates your contextual research and thinking about the function of ‘studios’.

The Function of the Studio

5. A contextual post of your own choosing. 



Personal Statement (Yr 2)

-First Draft

Throughout my work, I have explored the interaction between materials and mediums and how the produce accidental marks through the process of mark making. The interaction of both physical objects and social engagement are topics that have been of interest to me for a long time, which has been explored in many different ways (social engagement towards the celebrity world.)

My practice has taken a different direction which has led to me exploring the interaction of materials and how building up a piece of work through different processes can become abstract. By doing this I hope to show how changeable materials can be and how slowly we can change/ lose an image.

Untitled #3 [Fabric]


Again similar to the first one, using the same techniques and materials, however, this time I have added watered down paint which was able to seep through the fabric. By dragging the paint I was able to achieve a glitch effect, one that I was hoping to achieve digitally.

Compared to the first

To take this further I will begin to play more with the sense of space using a chosen colour palette.

Untitled #2 [Fabric]


Everything to do with piece of work will be part of a process  and the  process is what will help me create a body of work towards my final outcome next year.

Using polyester as a fabric was a choice based on cost and its purpose. The purpose of the fabric is to enable the ink or any liquid based material to seep through onto the Fabriano paper behind. This is all part of the mark making process. Doing this was a huge advantage in my exploration of materials as it gave the result that I was expecting.

Take this further now I will explore the same technique b using paint and ink mixed with water and hopefully this will produce another piece of work both on the Fabriano paper and the fabric.

Tutorial [30/10/2017]

During my tutorial with Davida, certain factors of my practice were highlighted. I have thought about certain areas that I should focus on and how I will push my exploration towards materials further:

  • think about the process that is used to create the work and how this is the process that is used to create accidental marks
  •  Everything that has been produced up to this point is what can be used to carry on making work. Whether this is the marks that have been made or the process and refining it.
  • Do not throw in random work i.e. materials and mediums and focus more on what I have
  • Digital? Scan work into the computer and think about possibly printing digital work onto the fabric and/ or paper
  • Push the process to its limits.
  • Consider using more personal materials.
  • Doesn’t always have to be paint
  • Also look at Karla Black and her process behind her work.

I will take these notes further and continue to push the process, that I have been using, to its limits. This will again enable the work to be successful and show and prove how the interaction of materials can be manipulated in various ways.