Edited Images

By processing the images in photoshop I have been able to achieve colours that are high in saturated colours, strong contrasts between them all and remove all of the negative space within the photographs.

Throughout all of the images, I believe the colours that work the best and represent my idea of idolisation towards celebrity culture are the pinks, oranges, blues and yellows. These colours remind me of artificial colours that you would find in sweets and foods like smarties and a lot of American and Japanese candy. The clarity on the paint has really embossed the lumps, bumps and marks which begin to tye in the free-flowing materials that were used at the beginning of this project.



Painting onto my face using acrylic was an element taken from Sophie Derricks work. This is to strengthen the surface for the projection and to sharpen and highlight areas of the face. Not only does it do this it also allows textures to appear through the application of the paint.

Many of the photographs I believe are successful however some are too dark. These images will now be processed through photoshop to crop the image, adjust the contrast, brightness and the overall levels of the photographs. By doing this I am allowing the colours to become saturated and achieve the fakery that I think of that is linked with celebrity culture.



Why acrylic?


White acrylic will be used on the models face, in this case, myself, as it will be able to be applied and layered giving myself some sort of control. By mixing slow drying medium into the paint this will give the paint the freedom/ control to drip and move.

Using white again will become the surface for the projection to lay upon. Hopefully, once we project onto the face the textures and marks will be able to be seen when the image is sitting on top.

Why fabric for projection?

In site venue I begun to speak about the fragility that is shown through the use of plaster and why its support is the bricks, this was a representation towards celebrity culture and the fragility of the image of a star. Taking this connotation further a different material was needed that can convey fragility, the paper was initially thought of because it can tear, however looking through the body of work created this year the fabric pieces I believe could also convey this message of fragility.

The use of fabric, especially white, can act as a backdrop for the projection which allows a new way of displaying to take place. Rather than hanging photographs of the work, projection allows the image to change form, colour and size through the interaction with the digital image and the surface.

Initial artist response October 2017





Using fabric as a surface allows the image to change form, which adds dynamic to a flat image that has been digitally processed.

Mohammad Hassan

Hassan photography explores the use of identity and how it is defined by the person and object by challenging the stereotypes and judgements made by others.

On the King Street Gallery Hassan states that the work ” are photographs of people of different ages, gender, race and sexual orientation, I am exploring equality and tolerance by stripping away the subject’s personal appearance so that the impression that the viewer gets is of a human, an individual, not a stereotype.” this raises questions not only with the concepts Hassan has presented in his work but also the question of equality. By stripping all the elements back to a person image we see that regardless of gender, race, orientation we are all the equal.

From seeing the work in several different locations this being in Hassan’s degree show in 2016, King Street Gallery and NOVA 2018, it all gives the same atmosphere and still raises the same questions.

By stripping these elements back to reveal the true identity is something I could bring to my work. Stripping back and adding a layer using projection can reveal the ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’



NOVA Cymru 9/05 – 26/05 PV 11/05 6-8pm


PDP – Summative May ’18

Constellation is beginning to become a very important aspect of both my practical and written work as it is beginning to support my practice in many ways than what I imagined. From reading recommendations through the second term such as Heavenly Bodies, Stardom and Celebrity and also theorists from my first term like Barbara Creed I have been able to combine a list of the key components of beauty and glamour within the celebrity world. Knowing these components have been able to come together to help create work that is personal to myself with imagery that I know will indicate towards a certain direction. As always reading and gathering quotes has been difficult and overcoming this especially for the dissertation proposal has been extremely difficult.


To overcome difficulties like the readings, I have continued using column analysis to un-pack imagery which is always useful, to further this I have begun to pick out keywords based on certain topics within stardom. By doing this I have been able to understand the definitions of them, for example, the term leisure class, and apply it to stars of the present day and also use the terms to then strengthen my writing in new ways. As mentioned in the past, by taking apart theories I have learnt before and also new ones like Richard Dyer’s theory of stars, the components have been able to guide me towards the correct materials that will respond to the theories correctly which again will create a clear indication for the audience to understand what the concept of the work is.


As this term did not have study groups that would teach you certain theories, components and readings that would allow you to research further, I found it rather difficult to start my research. However, with the guidance of my dissertation tutor and also with the notes from constellation levels four and five I was able to find a starting point, this beginning with Freud and Dyer. From past experience, I needed to begin condensing my notes down and when condensing down I needed to be able to understand them. To make sure there was a success in this area I have begun to hand write all notes and highlight important areas in the readings that I had. This enabled a good body of research ready for my proposal and also help decide on one of the stars I wanted to use as the focus of my dissertation. From speaking to personal tutors from subject it was explained to me that to go through a reading much quicker is to look in the index section for keywords, something I was not aware of before. This has helped to overcome my fear of reading and has made it a more enjoyable experience than before.


The experiences in constellation are continuously changing and they are always enjoyable ones. It has only strengthened my passion for cultures and the image of people within different classes and how the elements of these cultures help build the image. As my practice took a major change at the beginning of level five, I came to the understanding that the work I was producing clearly did not work I was enjoying which is the reason why I have returned to the use of celebrity culture and stardom in my work. To continue doing this successfully I will begin to use my own personal values and experiences towards stardom and create work using the components I have found in my research to produce work that is coherent in the use of colour, scale and vivid imagery. The exploration of materials will continue to be used and this is in response to the characteristics that are used to compare the glamour and grotesque to a material.