Week 1 (Fine Art Group Work).

For the first week of Field, we were put into groups of four where we had to tell each other what we doing in our projects and how we were doing it. When each of us were talking the other three had to draw a story as such of what the person was telling us.

From this, we had to take an idea from each person project and create a piece of work that was not two dimensional. This is when we created the installation below.

The idea was to challenge the conventions of gender and question the boundaries between masculinity and femininity. This can be seen from the objects inside the plastic cups (bells)and also within the colour palette that we have used.

As it was an installation piece that was created in an hour I like to think it was successful and it also made me think in a way that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of working in before.

From the installation we were put into larger groups and had to find a way where both pieces of work could come together to create a larger piece.

This is where our Trump & Hillary battle costumes came from. There was no real concept behind this just we wanted to be playful and have fun basically. To take this idea of the body further and also play with the boundaries of gender we as a group created an installation.



Irregular Shapes & Materials…

I am getting rather bored and tired of my project so I have decided to take a different direction in my work. Instead of looking solely at Kim Kardashian I will begin to look at celebrities in general and how they effect our societies.

I will investigate through visual language how idolisation begins to change self-perception of someone and how they possibly want to look like their ‘idol.’

I will research this by using the projection photos I will do and fragment them to represent the botching a person does to their body to look like someone.


This image is to show the use of materials to create irregular shapes like the ones I want to get from my photographs.


The idea was to show the use of layers to create depth and also how many layers societies have due to idolisation.


In this one, I began to introduce poly filler with masking tape, acetate, and gloss paint.

Gloss paint is being used because it is thick and rather artificial like these celebrities.







I am going to start to play with an idea that I previously done in another project. I will start to project my collages onto a model to find weird and bizarre arrangements. Hopefully, this will change the whole composition of the face and create some strange imagery.

The projection is used to simply help the collages wrap around the face of my model. Doing this will help push my collages further and also more them more three dimensional.


This is an example from a previous project when I did it last. Hopefully this time I will get similar results if not better.

To make the colours really pop I will paint the face white first so the projection is strong.

Assessment Feedback (Formative)

From receiving feedback from Davida I understand why they have given me particular comments such as that I need to play more with dimensions and try and not make work that is ‘flat.’

They believe the more successful work are my shaped paintings especially the giant one of Kim and I also agree with this.

To Improve:

  • I will begin to layer in my sketchbook using different materials and techniques like photography, projection and also collaging.
  • I will also experiment more with colour and explore how I can show these ‘artificial’ world’s celebrities have created.
  • sketches will be done of future 3D or installation work.
  • Also, I will start to come out of my sketchbook more.

Look at David LaChapelle.


Formative Assessment Key Posts (16/01/2017)

1.Material Projects:img_8156

2. Sit. Slap. Slide. (Most developed piece):


3. Material Project Reflection: 


4.  Artist relating to work and seen in person:



5. Library Research Artist (George Condo): 


6. The Big Question: 


7. Pablo Picasso:


8. Yi Chen: