Warhol on Warhol (DVD Review)

Self-Portrait 1986 by Andy Warhol 1928-1987While watching this video I was made aware of several things about Andy Warhol which I did not know from the past this being:

  • He was rather a selfish man
  • His true identity was never shown to anyone
  • Work including his last Self- Portrait collection always had his influence in it even if it was a commission the paintings were done for.

The last bullet point conveys that Warhol was an artist with a strong statement and this was to merely juxtapose his identity. With his identity, it was rather secretive in a lot of his self-portraits which never had the views show any compassion or sympathy towards him. However, in his last collection by using his full face and not covering it with anything it created a whole new level for Warhol.

His last pieces of work somehow pulled the viewers into his eyes and made us question the identity that Warhol had shown his viewers all them years.

From reading the description of Warhol on the Tate gallery website and from past research, I am aware that he works a lot with digital media and repetitive images, something I will begin to play with and also use vivid colours.


  • Warhol, A (1986) Self- Portrait, Tate Gallery: online gallery http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/warhol-self-portrait-t07146 [Accessed 13th November 2016]
  • Warhol on Warhol (2005) [DVD] Directed by George Cathro United Kingdom: Channel 5

Bela Borsodi – Foot Fetish


V Magazine #48 – Foot Fetish 8/12, Bela Borsodi. (www.belaborsodi.com/editorial/footfetish)

Borsodi’s work is interesting in all different ways may this be from the intriguing imagery to the ideas themselves.

He describes his work as a “fearless trial and error” (Brereton and Robert, 2011, p25)This can definitely be seen by the way he has bravely combined a naked female torso and a stiletto, both two objects associated with the female identity.

The work is described as “pinup- and manga-styled” (CREATIVITY, 2007, p72) this gives us the connotations of feminism and also vast popularity during the pop culture age of America. It also shows us that Borsodi is highly influenced by this style of work. v-magazine-48-foot-fetish-bela-borsodi

In the book Copy & Paste Brereton states that he uses collage as “a tool rather than a medium – and deliberately chooses source material…” (Brereton, 2011, p25) this brings my attention and relates to my work. Collage to me is a way to express my artistic ideas in a way that I feel is suitable for my way of thinking. It also gives me the understanding that collaging can be used to create figurative drawings as well as abstract ones.

Pulling on the themes of feminism that is present in Borsodi’s work, I will begin to research more into feminism in general and also how females are represented in our media. Also the idea of a woman will be researched and how I can challenge the stereotypes that have been created.



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Mix match Kim #1

img_8008To begin my first lot of studies I decided to pick up where I finished my last project in the summer. The idea for these collages came about during an investigation in body image and how celebrity culture disadvantages our society with this matter. The main feature of this was Kim Kardashian.

In this collage, I have used two different images taken from her own social media photo albums. The main image is from her Balmain campaign.

I cut through certain parts of the image to reveal other images which are somewhat erotic.  It tells us that due to her being somewhat a queen of society, she can do anything and not create a shock factor.

Using black and white instead of colour again adds to the erotic atmosphere in the collage. It also intensifies the collage, this is show by the different shades of white, grey and black.

From this collage onwards I will start to explore the idea of idiolisation and how sitting on top of society can create disadvantages for everyone.

Inside/ Outside! Initial Idea

Kim Kardashian Facebook post on Monday 31st October 2016, which was soon deleted.

A majority of this project will be informed by how celebrities and idolisation effects our societies and also individuals. I will be using the Kardashians as a main focal point and slow expand out to other people who are currently influencing people.

I am planning on using collaging as a form of creating images that consist of the Kardashains, mainly Kim, to show the dangerous and effects that can be caused to us as a society.

Eventually, I will begin to look into the presidential candidate Donald Trump and how he is also affecting our society in a different way to the Kardashians however, he is still changing the minds of people and influencing 6360139435793044861461393096_donald-trump-prune-facethem in a way that is going to disadvantage the majority of America.

I will then combine the two (Kim and Trump) and create collages/ paintings/ photographic shoots, to show how they both have similarities and also how they contrast.




Obession & Fiction

img_8002Pages took from a Disney holiday brochure made me want to create pieces of work that would show the obsession families have towards the fictional characters created by Walt Disney.

Still, no idea on what I want to deal with in the project, apart from knowing obsession and idolisation will play a part.

The collages show both the way society treat these fictional characters (first image) and possibly how they could treat us if they were not fictional (second image.)

img_8003These use of magazine/brochure’s or found materials, in general, is something I am planning on using in my work to create depth and just to draw attention to situations that I think need to be addressed.



img_7861The beginning of the project I was not too sure what I wanted to look at and what I could link with inside/ outside, so I began to play with a format that is relatively new to me… COLLAGE.

I began to use imagery that I had collected throughout the summer, a lot of this was to do with coffee/tea and pictures my partner had taken.

Bringing this imagery together created the collage on the left and it somewhat gives life to an object. It is comical but also connotates the idea of addiction; Addiction to caffeine and also the addiction to love.img_7862



This careless piece of work made still didn’t help decide what I wanted to explore so I carried on playing with the idea of looking at my own self-addiction.






This collage looks again at addiction but this time more closely at caffeine. The imagery in the background is of the river Thames and Buckingham Palace. It also looks at my love of music.

It guides the viewer in a circular motion starting with the central figure with the bright glasses.

This style is influenced by Jeff Koons. This can be seen through the vivid imagery, colours and also bizarre arrangements.

This inspires me to create more.


Key Concepts

Key concept:

  • Re-signification
  • To inflict given meanings by combining things borrowed from one system of meanings into a different code.
  • To modify
  • To intensify or exaggerate or isolate
  • To combine forms
  • Clarke, Hall, Jefferson

This concept can, the majority of the time, be implied to anything. It is useful when trying to understand subcultures that I have been looking at in constellation.