Final Collages?

These collages use imagery that expresses the personal connection I have towards the idea of being a celebrity and by this, I mean through the use of:

  • colour
  • form
  • artificial sickly colours i.e. pinks, brights yellows purples
  • Imagery: money, groups of people and brands
  • Using a figure that I idolise

















Grand Palais – Bill Viola


Looking at Viola was simply due to the use of his projection and the display of the work. By using several different surfaces layered with a depth between them Viola has been able to project straight through all surfaces, a technique that could be used to inform my own practice.

If this was to be used the materials that I would need would be:

  • project
  • thin fabric

Even though it could act as a way of displaying would it be successful demonstrate my own concept of idolisation and celebrity culture in the way I have been showing it? If I was to do it maybe using video work and bright colours would work. Doing this with thin fabric would definitely distort the images and the fabric could be hung in different positions and heights.


During the formative assessment, it was highlighted that I have seemed to have missed a chunk out in my practice and by this I mean the research where I make the decisions and make work based on these decisions and not play around.

Paul made a point and this was that the work I am producing in response to the celebrity culture is no longer anchored towards myself and somewhat become more of an overlook and this can be seen in my collages.

To move forward I will begin to anchor the work back towards myself and to do this the collages will become more towards my idea of glamour within the celebrity world. This will be more personal towards me and hopefully not let it run wild.


  • Create anchored personal collages based on my ideas of the glamour/idolisation in the celebrity
  • Begin to project again onto self, however, use similar techniques to Derrick
  • Find the right path and start making not playing.

Siopaganda – SHOP


Siopaganda is the collective exhibition that the group within Site Venue decided to call our three day exhibition. The exhibition is about diverse artists coming together to show the exploration of their materials.

Siopaganda is an abbreviation of the welsh translation of Shop and Propaganda. It is to exaggerate the competition and struggles between online stores and physical existing stores for example retail. This is demonstrated in the poster designed by Karl Nurse. Karl wanted to create a format based on online stores that use buttons like the shop now.

A Facebook event has been set up for all of the events going on during the week of SHOP! The event has been successful and continues to be. Alongside this form of advertising, we have also begun to put posters around town and within the university.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 09.14.40

Site Venue #3

Chosen Work

For site venue, as a group, we have decided that we will curate an exhibition for the SHOP project. This will take place at Three Doors Up in Queens Arcade. The Digital Plaster (Collage, Plaster and Digital) will be what is displayed as part of the exhibition – Siopiaganda.

Siopaganda will consist of a collection of different pieces of work ranging from paintings to sculptures. As it is diverse there isn’t a specific theme it is more based on the idea of artists and their materials.

When displaying this piece of work it will be within the centre of the space shown on the floor map below. It will be placed on a board and held up by bricks to make sure the plaster slabs will not fall and that the support is strong enough.

Floor plan complete

The possible problems that I could encounter would be the placement of the projector and also the sculpture not having a strong enough support. Originally the support was going to be wood which would definitely be weak, hence the use of bricks.


Collage, Plaster and Digital

Using plaster as a surface come from research into greek sculptures and also constellation this year. From the research, plaster is used to replica marble and marble is seen as beautiful. The reason behind it being beautiful is due to it being smooth and is usually described as flawless. As skin is normally described as marble in the celebrity world with stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich I wanted to recreate this through the use of plaster.

The work itself is in response to Koons Play-Doh!. Plaster was poured into black bags to be able to get a slab like and also take the textures from the bag. The textures are to represent the wrinkles in the skin and represent that it isn’t flawless and that there are imperfections. The contradiction the plaster creates by itself is interesting as it creates that question Is it flawless or not? 

As I wanted to push the collage’s further, they would become projections on the plaster and bring a sense of reality to the inanimate object. The image projected onto the plaster fits perfectly and gives an eerie vibe this is due to the darkened eyes. As the projection isn’t strong enough in ambient lighting you don’t get the full contrast of colours.

To push this further:

  • Begin to play with different imagery
  • Re-arrange the plaster
  • Find ways to hold the plaster up without it being propped up against a wall.

Social Pudding

Social Pudding was a collaboration project done back in 2003 through with Superflex and Rirkrit Tiravanija focussing on social engagement through the exchange of different puddings. The work itself was to address the communities in Leipzig with dynamic workshops and events at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst. Instead of being interested in the fabric of society the project was more interested in the puddings in society. The product was a combination of layers made up of orange and coconut.

Social engagement is an element that could possibly be explored throughout site venue. This could be done through the use of teas and the different flavours. This could again similar to the Social pudding make the public engage with one another and create conversations about something they wouldn’t normally. Was this exhibition controlled and maybe this is what sparked conversations over certain things? Could a similar controlled environment be created by myself?