Field Experience.

Things Behind the Sun.

Before I started field I was at a stump with producing art and I wasn’t entirely sure what I was producing, it wasn’t fun and I definitely was not enjoying it. I needed a break from my practice and needed to do something creative and just making work for fun and not because I had to. When participating in Things Behind the Sun, David was able to help us understand that sometimes it is good just to go back to basics and create simplistic drawings from the environment around us, this begun the drawings based on how I felt in a wet, damp and cold forest down in Neath. Afterwards, the trip to the Gower was a true eye opener as all social media, connecting to others that were not on the trip was completely cut off due to the lack of signal, this enabled myself to explore and be playful towards my work and also how I responded. From this, I was able to explore materials through processes such as chine-collé and plaster moulding which involved me transforming my two-dimensional drawings into sculptural pieces. Taking the playfulness and being open-minded to my surroundings and materials are aspects I will take forward into my practice and it has definitely influenced the thought processing throughout the remainder of this year.

Teaching in Art & Design.

From finishes such an exciting and positive field project I was dreading the second which was Teaching in Art and Design, this is because I knew it would be formal, it had to be structured I needed to make sure I was on top of everything. The very start proved my theory correct and I began to worry. Being placed into Whitchurch High School was a challenge and this is due to how driven the Art department and the Head of Department is. Sharing the experience with another student this being in both the teaching and planning aspects was problematic as I wanted to be able to experience it on my own in ways as this is a career I want to pursue and I felt like the other was not taking it as serious. Due to this I begun to plan the lessons on my own and actioning them as well, this was due to the lack of attendance from the other. I was able to teach a wide range of students starting from key stage three all the way to A Level. The one bit of advice that the teachers were giving students that begun to worry me was that the students did not need to do a Foundation year before their degree, this I disagree with as I believe foundation is the year for you to progress and really develop before you commit fully to your chosen degree and practice. I truly expressed this concern to the teachers, pupils and also my own lecturers back here at CSAD. Despite the concerns and problems, I found I really did enjoy my time at the school and I have since begun to plan my options which involve teaching.