Reflection on Material Projects

Overall, I believe the material projects (A Shaped Painting, Indoor Suns, Today Tomorrow Yesterday September) have benefitted my work and has helped push it further and develop my practice in ways I wouldn’t have thought of doing.

What has worked well?

Several techniques and ways of thinking have worked during these three projectsimg_8122
especially things like:

  • Video editing
  • Screen Printing
  • Cutting board
  • Using certain machinery that I haven’t been introduced to before
  • Being shown different ways of doing techniques prior to previous knowledge.

It was nice to learn these things that I feel have benefitted my work because it needed it in my opinion. I found my work began to lack excitement for me. Not for anyone else but me, I felt like I was just doing work and not doing it because I had a passion for it. This has now changed.

I have the thrill to do work again now because I can now change m collages into paintings that can be layered and somehow is changed into a three-dimensional painting.

What hasn’t worked well?

img_7848Even though many things did work for me I believe things like:

  • The wiring of circuits
  • Programming
  • Initial paintings

The only reason these didn’t work well is because I just made a mess of them, to begin with. The soldering in my circuits wasn’t tidy because I couldn’t get the hang of it due to fat fingers and the programming I found difficult. However, practice makes perfect which was proved in the second shaped painting I had done.


Taking forward?

Overall, I will definitely be taking a lot of the knowledge I have to learn forward. Regarding my circuits for lighting and also programming I will probably get someone to do it for me if needed.