Reflection on Material Projects

Overall, I believe the material projects (A Shaped Painting, Indoor Suns, Today Tomorrow Yesterday September) have benefitted my work and has helped push it further and develop my practice in ways I wouldn’t have thought of doing.

What has worked well?

Several techniques and ways of thinking have worked during these three projectsimg_8122
especially things like:

  • Video editing
  • Screen Printing
  • Cutting board
  • Using certain machinery that I haven’t been introduced to before
  • Being shown different ways of doing techniques prior to previous knowledge.

It was nice to learn these things that I feel have benefitted my work because it needed it in my opinion. I found my work began to lack excitement for me. Not for anyone else but me, I felt like I was just doing work and not doing it because I had a passion for it. This has now changed.

I have the thrill to do work again now because I can now change m collages into paintings that can be layered and somehow is changed into a three-dimensional painting.

What hasn’t worked well?

img_7848Even though many things did work for me I believe things like:

  • The wiring of circuits
  • Programming
  • Initial paintings

The only reason these didn’t work well is because I just made a mess of them, to begin with. The soldering in my circuits wasn’t tidy because I couldn’t get the hang of it due to fat fingers and the programming I found difficult. However, practice makes perfect which was proved in the second shaped painting I had done.


Taking forward?

Overall, I will definitely be taking a lot of the knowledge I have to learn forward. Regarding my circuits for lighting and also programming I will probably get someone to do it for me if needed.


Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday, September – Screen Prints.

screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-21-45-18My last and final material project and I have to say it was one I probably enjoyed the most, this could be because much of past work is developed from screen prints and etching so of course, I was going to enjoy this.

The brief for this project was to create a collection of prints preferable a book made up of ‘stuff’ that I have collected on my journey. As it shows I didn’t want to follow this brief directly. I made a collection but the collection was more based on repetitive images made up of brightly coloured prints and collaging. Even though I went against the brief Sue had set us, she was still rather pleased with it which made me happy.

Much of my screen prints come from my own photographs like these ones here.


Adding to my collection of screen prints I began to play with the idea of collaging and then printing on top. This gave the fragmented look and conveys the disadvantages of plastic surgery that celebrity culture pushes us towards.

Again repetition is present which is influenced by screen prints made by Warhol.