Reflection on Material Projects

Overall, I believe the material projects (A Shaped Painting, Indoor Suns, Today Tomorrow Yesterday September) have benefitted my work and has helped push it further and develop my practice in ways I wouldn’t have thought of doing.

What has worked well?

Several techniques and ways of thinking have worked during these three projectsimg_8122
especially things like:

  • Video editing
  • Screen Printing
  • Cutting board
  • Using certain machinery that I haven’t been introduced to before
  • Being shown different ways of doing techniques prior to previous knowledge.

It was nice to learn these things that I feel have benefitted my work because it needed it in my opinion. I found my work began to lack excitement for me. Not for anyone else but me, I felt like I was just doing work and not doing it because I had a passion for it. This has now changed.

I have the thrill to do work again now because I can now change m collages into paintings that can be layered and somehow is changed into a three-dimensional painting.

What hasn’t worked well?

img_7848Even though many things did work for me I believe things like:

  • The wiring of circuits
  • Programming
  • Initial paintings

The only reason these didn’t work well is because I just made a mess of them, to begin with. The soldering in my circuits wasn’t tidy because I couldn’t get the hang of it due to fat fingers and the programming I found difficult. However, practice makes perfect which was proved in the second shaped painting I had done.


Taking forward?

Overall, I will definitely be taking a lot of the knowledge I have to learn forward. Regarding my circuits for lighting and also programming I will probably get someone to do it for me if needed.


Indoor Suns #2


Here is the object I created which is to represent the water from a lake that has mystical properties which can be seen from the purple lights.

I wanted the lights to show a magical effect through a range of sequences made up of different shades of blues, white and purples. I find these colours are strong and reflect nicely in the water which also reflects it across the floor and reminds me of the reflection of the moon in the lake.


Group Exhibition.

Along with our light sculptures, everyone of us created a video which would be shown alongside our pieces in an exhibition where we would all show our work.

As a collective piece, I believe each piece complimented each other. The mini exhibition gave a science fiction feel almost, which comes from the use of colours and also the way the pieces were displayed.

If I was to improve the piece I would assemble my sculpture in a neater way. Overall I am happy with the outcome and also with the techniques I have learnt.

NeoPixels- Indoor Suns (Session 1)

For the second material project, the aim is to create a circuit with several different neo-pixels or LEDs. This circuit will become part of an object and then placed in an installation with an edited video.

This is the first circuit that I created by soldering each wire on the back of the neo-pixel. The process was difficult to learn however, this has become easier by practicing more.

The lights following the system of red, green, blue (RGB) and you can change the variations of the colours and mix them to create different shades. This can be done using the Arduino software. Arduino allows you to create a code that the circuit will follow. (VIDEO TO FOLLOW)

I will next create a circuit of ten lights which I will be able to either place in an object that I have created or in a found object.


(This video is an example of different colours that can be created using Arduino)