Concluding with a Show…

The set up of my working I thought was going to take a lot longer than what it actually did. In total it took about two hours giving myself enough time to help do small jobs around the studios and help peers with the set up of their own work.

Taking a lot less time to set the work up is probably down to planning that had commenced before the show and knowing how it would look.

Initially, I was given a different space than the one I have now. The space I had was slightly too small for all three pieces, however, the space I have now has given that extra bit.

Below is the map with my previous space and my current space.

Show Map

As the new space is now by the main entrance/exit it allows it to be more visible and seeks more attention and this would have not been the case if it stayed in the original place.




The arrangement as I did state previously did become a random one. It did not follow any of the arrangements that I created in my sketchbook and down to my own personal preferance, this is the stronger one.




Overall, I am extremely pleased with what I have produced in my first year of my degree. I have created a body of work that explores my own and societies obession and idolisation towards the celebrity world. My work has shown the influences that idols have on a person and how it can change them physically and mentally.


/ Chosen Imagery – Outcome 1.

These four images will be the ones printed and mounted ready for the exhibition. They will be combined together to create collages of a different scale to make the imagery striking.

This will all be completed by the 2nd June this including the printing, mounting and prepping all the work ready for assessment.

Why these images? The images have been chosen has the shades of blue and purples work well with the yellow and blue perspex sheets and will create the aesthetic I am looking for.

// Layering 2 -Outcome 2


The final image for the second outcome. For this one I wanted it to focus on a different angle of the body so it would give variety in the triptych that will be on display.  Using imagery from the projections and collaging has really improved the image and will strengthen the triptych. However, I find myself asking in which order will these images be shown.


Out of all the arrangements that I have created below, there are a few that I believe are aesthetically pleasing and are kind to the eye. With the set up of the triptych, I want to achieve an arrangement where a story of movement will be told through the playing of materials and physical movement of the subject within the imagery.

Underneath the next few images, I will number them 1-6 meaning 1-3 will be three of the possible layouts I will use and the other three will be the ones I will not use. This method of choosing is being used because it shows organisation in my work and it is an example of trial and error.

arrangement 6


arrangement 5


arrangement 4


arrangment 3


arrangment 2


arrangement 1


Once the images have been printed and mounted onto the board I will physically display them in each arrangement presented above to make the final decision.

/ Bold & Striking – Arrangements.

As mentioned in previous posts, this outcome is to lower the possibility of being restricted to the arrangement of the clear acrylic and the image. The perspex ranges from A4-A1 (international) and the images will be A2 size. This is to make the work stand out and to be in our face. A wall space will be needed for this.

The following images are possible arrangements that these materials can be in. They could be displayed in these ways or the arrangement can be completely random when it comes to setting up the show. These arrangements are merely guidelines.




A pink rectangle was added to this image to see what effect the addition of another colour would have. Due to personal choice, I have decided against it and will stick to the blues and yellow. Removing the pink was down to the fact that the lips are of a similar shade and these are the main focus area.




Becoming the Collage 2

Much stronger! This photo-shoot shows what I want it to. Using only a select few of the collages compared to the previous ones, make the colours really striking they really stand out.

To make the images stronger I had someone else take control over the camera, something I didn’t want to happen in the previous work, but not total control was lost. I still was able to tell the person taking the photographs where to stand and how I wanted the photos to be positioned. Having this control gave myself confidence. I also find adding paper cut outs on myself added confidence and a sense of desire to the images as a whole and this makes them more powerful than the previous ones.

What next? Can I use the images with the others to create some wild and wacky imagery that will by bold. To do this I intend on combining the images from this shoot and the previous one and play with scale, colour and also comical values.

A Post to Show Progression…

Sit. Slap. Slide

In the summative assessment list, we have been asked to show and example of something that has either failed or didn’t go as planned. For me, I don’t see anything that I have done as a ‘fail’ as it is all part of a progression to do the best possible development you can achieve.

As I have to choose I would choose my Sit. Slap. Slide work as I believe after this particular piece of work I began to drive my work in a different direction. Instead of following the flat dimension in my work I began to play more with layers and bringing the image that I created alive by elevating certain elements.

This direction that I talk about started to take place just after the first formative assessment. By taking this direction it allowed my work to be:

  • Stronger
  • Experimental
  • Find a concept that is more of interest to myself
  • Show the direction of practice
  • The knowledge I have of materials

By doing this it has allowed me to come to a position where I am happy with my work and with the outcomes, I will piece together in the next coming weeks.