Talking About Objects.


  • Malleable shape
  • Something about it that makes it look solid or flowing.
  • Looks like the body, like layers of fat. Possibly a female body.
  • Maybe a reference to Greek sculpture.
  • Figurative aspects however it is slowly reaching into the abstract boundary.
  • Once you look into things it can create questions.
  • It has a feminine form.
  • The way it is cut gives it that greek reference.
  • Looks like a pillar of flesh rather than a torso due to missing arms.
  • Looks feminine because the shape is soft.
  • The suggestion of a torso.
  • Fat lady
  • Venus statue
  • Compression of skin
  • Hard elephant skin
  • Texture resembles scales
  • Are there breasts or suggestion to breasts?
  • Organic vs. geometric.


Banks and I believe; Yates’s small sculpture conveys a plump female figure with expressive marks that could possibly resemble leather suggesting this female is a tough chick.

  • Is gender a thing?Picture2
  • Two gender in the image but the alien face connotes that the gender is not needed.
  • Colour background is also playing the masculine and feminine roles, however, the black is again challenging that.


  • The colour backgrounds are challenging gender binaries.


  • Challenging gender, body and screen colours.
  • Simple, innocent, playful?
  • Third arm? Body postures.
  • Quite sinister, this juxtaposes the playful aspect that comes through with the background colours.
  • Conflicting body language.
  • The covered genitals make the figure anonymous.
  • Hormogenic


Rozel’s animation still breaks the barrier between gender binaries, challenging traditional views on gender. The lurid colours protest against gender typical colours and the black has the significance of mutuality between male and female. The covering of the genitals accomplishes an androgynous connotation, further breaking the barrier.





As defined in the oxford dictionary a cyborg is a fictional or hypothetical person whose abilities are far beyond our human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body. Haraway states “a cyborg is a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction.” An example of this could be the use of mechanical elements to helps us survive like a pacemaker or it could also mean human beings using technology in everyday life both of these create the hybrid Haraway has spoken about. The definition of technology has no limitations and until a better understanding of it is made with more research means we will not have a true definition of cyborg. Once more research has happened and gives us a better understanding, a much clearer conclusion will be in place.