Why fabric for projection?

In site venue I begun to speak about the fragility that is shown through the use of plaster and why its support is the bricks, this was a representation towards celebrity culture and the fragility of the image of a star. Taking this connotation further a different material was needed that can convey fragility, the paper was initially thought of because it can tear, however looking through the body of work created this year the fabric pieces I believe could also convey this message of fragility.

The use of fabric, especially white, can act as a backdrop for the projection which allows a new way of displaying to take place. Rather than hanging photographs of the work, projection allows the image to change form, colour and size through the interaction with the digital image and the surface.

Initial artist response October 2017





Using fabric as a surface allows the image to change form, which adds dynamic to a flat image that has been digitally processed.


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