Site Venue #3

Chosen Work

For site venue, as a group, we have decided that we will curate an exhibition for the SHOP project. This will take place at Three Doors Up in Queens Arcade. The Digital Plaster (Collage, Plaster and Digital) will be what is displayed as part of the exhibition – Siopiaganda.

Siopaganda will consist of a collection of different pieces of work ranging from paintings to sculptures. As it is diverse there isn’t a specific theme it is more based on the idea of artists and their materials.

When displaying this piece of work it will be within the centre of the space shown on the floor map below. It will be placed on a board and held up by bricks to make sure the plaster slabs will not fall and that the support is strong enough.

Floor plan complete

The possible problems that I could encounter would be the placement of the projector and also the sculpture not having a strong enough support. Originally the support was going to be wood which would definitely be weak, hence the use of bricks.



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