Sophie Derrick.


034t7666_100x150cm_webDerricks’ work explores the interaction between body and material. Describing her work as “contemporary portraiture” and the core concept of her work is the same you can see a strong development in her work through the production, material, size and strength.

Using materials like acrylics at the beginning of the practice Derricks realised that this caused problems when painting directly onto her face as it dried fast, solving this so began to use oil-based paint which created a much more textural and slicker look. The images are photographed and then printed onto large sheets of clear acrylic given a finish that is sharp and crisp.


How will this benefit me?

As my work is about creating awareness of the celebrity world by projecting, using this style will create more texture and add more abstract elements in the photographs. The use of white paint in the image above reminds me of plaster and how you can mould it. Using plaster as a white object to project onto will act as a physical object and can be used for documentation.


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