Bringing Print and Plaster Together…

From all the skills learnt in the workshops the most interesting one is learning that you can create plaster moulds of the drypoint plates.

Initially, I thought there wasn’t much you can do but then I began to experiment with the plaster.




By creating this cast, the plaster was able to absorb the ink creating the impressions and patterns that they were on the plate. By allowing the plaster to do this the black slightly changed into blues and greys and these castings became more interesting than the prints on paper.

To take these further I wanted to combine the techniques already learnt (drypoint, chine-colle, mono-printing) with the plaster casting. To do this I begun to submerge the prints into the plaster before it dried. Once this was done I begun to scratch away at the plaster to reveal the prints. It was a way to contain the experiences together and not lose them essentially.

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