Summative Assessment June 2017


Picasso –

Gillian Ayres – National Museum Cardiff 2017

David LaChapelle.

Jeff Koons NOW – Newport Street Gallery   &  Tate Modern Visit March 2017

Do Ho Suh: Passage/s – Victoria Miro (March 2017)


Painting Collage – A Shaped Painting

Light is Colour [Influenced Field Final Piece]

A post documenting a new material skill that you have learnt through the year. & Indoor Suns #2

A post documenting a piece of work that failed in some way, or did not turn out as you originally planned.

Art is in Popculture: [Key Moment In Work]  &  Next:

Final Pieces


  1. /Bold & Striking – Outcome 1  –  / Chosen Imagery – Outcome 1.  –  / Bold & Striking – Arrangements.
  2. // Layering – Outcome 2  –  // Layering 2 -Outcome 2


  1. Individual Piece.  –  Developing Piece

Concluding with a Show…



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