Picasso –

The Weeping Woman, the painting that explores fragmentation, being figurative and create an abstract feeling and given the sense of abstraction.  From researching into many of Picasso’s different styles, Cubism is one that stands out. Highly influenced by the effects of the Spanish Civil War he became obsessed with this symbol of a weeping woman. Paintings and drawings were created from mixed media building layers to create strong pigments to make a striking palette on canvas. On the Tate website, it states that he commented: “For years I’ve painted her in torture forms, not through sadism, and not with pleasure either; just obeying a vision that forced itself on me.”

Picasso’s work, in general, has had a great influence on my work especially the painting of The Weeping Woman. The use of shapes, block colours and layering is a technique that is present in my practice and one that will be used in future work and most possibly final outcomes. I like how he uses complimentary colours to build up expression and to make every detail in the painting fight against each other enhancing the power. Use of mark marking also adds to this power and is carried out throughout adding depth and dynamic to a flat two-dimensional painting, bring it to life.



Weeping Woman 1937 by Pablo Picasso 1881-1973

The different depictions of the Weeping Woman I find are intriguing. Every drawing/painting of her have characteristics that give her this identity and are present in all. The characteristics of the eyes, mouth and the irregular shaped head are the only ones present, the use of materials and methods is what changes the emotion and dynamic of this person and creates a contrast between each image.

She is seen again in the painting Guernica and again she is drawn in a different depiction.


Again the same characteristics are present however, the lack of colour and the body posture suggest pain and terror and this is causing the weeping. This is the earliest version of her.

How does this relate to my work? The work created by Picasso is what influenced my practice and to create work that is fragmented and divided by the use of different angles of the face create a strange combination. The way He builds emotion in his work is what I wanted to create, and I have done this through the use of projection a technique that is contemporary and different but also gives a playful aspect to the process of creating the work.


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