// Layering 2 -Outcome 2


The final image for the second outcome. For this one I wanted it to focus on a different angle of the body so it would give variety in the triptych that will be on display.  Using imagery from the projections and collaging has really improved the image and will strengthen the triptych. However, I find myself asking in which order will these images be shown.


Out of all the arrangements that I have created below, there are a few that I believe are aesthetically pleasing and are kind to the eye. With the set up of the triptych, I want to achieve an arrangement where a story of movement will be told through the playing of materials and physical movement of the subject within the imagery.

Underneath the next few images, I will number them 1-6 meaning 1-3 will be three of the possible layouts I will use and the other three will be the ones I will not use. This method of choosing is being used because it shows organisation in my work and it is an example of trial and error.

arrangement 6


arrangement 5


arrangement 4


arrangment 3


arrangment 2


arrangement 1


Once the images have been printed and mounted onto the board I will physically display them in each arrangement presented above to make the final decision.


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