A Post to Show Progression…

Sit. Slap. Slide

In the summative assessment list, we have been asked to show and example of something that has either failed or didn’t go as planned. For me, I don’t see anything that I have done as a ‘fail’ as it is all part of a progression to do the best possible development you can achieve.

As I have to choose I would choose my Sit. Slap. Slide work as I believe after this particular piece of work I began to drive my work in a different direction. Instead of following the flat dimension in my work I began to play more with layers and bringing the image that I created alive by elevating certain elements.

This direction that I talk about started to take place just after the first formative assessment. By taking this direction it allowed my work to be:

  • Stronger
  • Experimental
  • Find a concept that is more of interest to myself
  • Show the direction of practice
  • The knowledge I have of materials

By doing this it has allowed me to come to a position where I am happy with my work and with the outcomes, I will piece together in the next coming weeks.


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