// Layering – Outcome 2

Second outcome? What could I do for my second outcome that explored my concept through a different medium? I found myself ask this over and over again, I looked over my work several times to see what I could do I thought maybe I could make /Bold & Striking – Outcome 1 an enormous piece but then I wouldn’t be meeting the brief requirements. Then I remembered what Sean had said in my tutorials, and that was, was that I am playful when it comes to materials and that it is shown throughout my work. THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO.

In this piece, I want to show the exploration of materials in a similar way I did with Irregular Shapes & Materials… where in this one I used any medium that would create texture and bold contrasts with colours and materials. I create similar drawings in correlation with the small studies that were done before.

The Gillian Ayres exhibition that is currently on at Cardiff Museum has had an influence in this piece. Not her paintings as such but, more the drawings that she creates. The drawings consist of exploration with materials and found papers which are layered to create textures and juxtapositions in the work. Something similar to what I would like to create.




I Begun to experiment by painting backgrounds using acrylic paint and mainly focussing on the solid blue and yellow colours which formed shapes and marks.  Mark making is playing a huge part in this piece as I find it shows the exploration and also the playful side of this piece.

The block colours definitely were not enough. It needed more and it needs to show energy it needs be more lively and create a contrast.

Adding continuous line studies of the photographs that have been taken and worked on top of using materials like oil pastel, acrylic and ink which started to bring something else to this piece. As I find drawing faces difficult I collaged the face and other parts back into the drawing again adding more dimension to them, stuck them onto the background but I wasn’t getting excited. I didn’t think they had the potential they could have had. How can they be made better? Add more into them? No, because I was happy with the amount of marks and imagery they add but, they needed more!

I spoke to Melissa about them and even she said they needed something. I thought let’s give this a go and scan them into photoshop and have a play around with digital layers and turn them into digital drawings.


This definitely works. It gives it the artificial feeling I wanted, which is what is present in my work and also in the first outcome. Upping the clarity of the images showed the marks and the textures that they have made.



I need more of this! To improve maybe add some more of the red/pink into the pictures just to make them more attractive to look at and to break down the yellow and blue a little so they aren’t so blinded to the eye.

As I’ve got a good start to this outcome I believe it should be finished a week before the assessment date.

What now?

These will be the second outcome however, I need to make more of them so I have a selection of the best ones giving me the freedom to choose what ones will be displayed during the exhibition.

Why this?

This will be the second outcome because it shows expresses my concept like the first one does only it is expressing it in a different medium to meet the brief. It is also showing that more playful and energetic side towards materials in my practice.

How is it going to happen?

  • Create more mixed media drawings.
  • Work out pricing for printing out the final drawings as photographs
  • Work out size of the images
  • How do I want them displayed i.e. framing, poly-board or pinned
  • How are they going to be presented? Are they going to be individually? A Triptych? Or a panoramic image?

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