/Bold & Striking – Outcome 1

The first outcome to conclude this project will consist of the projection images from Becoming the Collage post and combining this with bold and striking blocks of colour to present the overpowering idea mentioned in this post.

I don’t want the work to be restricted in the sense that it has to be confined into either a square or a rectangle format like a lot of art is, I want it to be playful and I want to give myself the freedom to change the arrangement if I want to. The idea of not restricting the format of the piece came from the Material project Shaped Painting #1 which originally lead to me playing with scale and materials with the Painting Collage at the beginning of the year.  Scale, colour and arrangement will play a part in this outcome along with techniques such as print, photography and collage.




To begin to get an idea on different arrangements I started to take part the photographs from the last shoot and collage them together on top of block colours which occur regularly in my work. In the top image layers of acetate were used which is stimulating for myself and probably the audience as it creates a new layer to the work and makes it aesthetically pleasing. How can I do this at a larger scale? I cannot use giant sheets of acetate, maybe acrylic perspex? If this is used I know I will be able to screen print on one side leaving the other side to keep its shiny/ transparent surface. Screen-printing onto the perspex will also allow me to create a flat block coloured surface.


The difference of size between the head and heads adds a comical value to the image. Could this be something that is introduced to the piece? Playing with the composition of the body and challenging the “ideal” way a body is meant to look. This will deal with the body modification that idolisation can lead to?


One thing that needs to be done is to use a finer blade when cutting. Make sure that it is sharp and that it will make a nice smooth consistent edge.

What now?

These collages are definitely going to be part of the outcome, maybe not these particular ones but, more refined versions will be. As there is only three weeks left I need to begin to actually do and not make. A plan needs to be devised to enable me to be ready to start to actually put the final outcome together.

Why this?

This is going to be an outcome because I believe that it shows my concept “IDOLISATION AND HOW IT EFFECTS A PERSON (MYSELF) TO BECOME MORE.” The colours used, the projections and the playful aspect to the piece all come together to show the self-absorbed person I essentially want to become.

How is it going to happen?

  • Create final arrangements like the ones above but they will include, new imagery that has been made from the second photoshoot (which involves collaging onto myself and then projecting) this will make the imagery ‘confident.’
  • Screen print different size perspex sheets using different coloured inks that relate to the block colours in the final arrangements.
  • Decide on an arrangement to display
  • Print the imagery out on high-quality matte photo paper, all images to be different sizes.
  • Mount images onto poly-board
  • Find ways of mounting work onto the wall.

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