Art is in Popculture:

I was thinking to myself how can I show my desire to become famous? How can I do this? And how can I do this in a way where today’s society will support me? The answer is Instagram!

Most of our A-list celebs are Instagram/ social media fanatics and it is where most of their fans feel connected and get an insight into their lives.

The account I have created in under a persona that I have created who’s name is Charlie Lovelock. Charlie is a male who is very open about his sexuality and confident in showing what he has and needs! The latter will be overexaggerated by portraying ‘Charlie’ as a rich male who can buy anything. This could also possibly be a page where I will post my work. Highly influenced by Amelia Ullman and the way she conveyed this rich and extravagant life.

Will it be successful? How can it be successful? To make it successful I will have to #hastag as much as I possibly can just to up my likes and followers. The hashtags will mainly be aimed at the gay community and artists based on Instagram. I will also continue this small project right through until the end of my degree.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.21.14


One of the first posts on the page is a collage which includes a shopping bag and my personal idol. It is to show how money can buy you anything but not happiness. Why striking colours? These were used to convey being content and the amount of confidence. Materials used in this are limited which could be expanded by using found papers from magazines or anything that is just laying around or maybe using photos printed on matt paper to give that magazine effect?

The #’s used in this post state the obvious that is in the collage and gives more of an insight into this persona that I have created. It shows idolisation, a wannabe and also the desperation Charlie has. Can this be played on more?




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