To take action on what Sean has said, I will look into the following:


  • Rich – products?
  • Artistic – this is where my practice will take place.
  • Famous – Look into idols and what/ how they make me feel…
  • Glam – maybe also flamboyant which will also link with being noticeable.
  • Noticeable – to make this work it needs to be out of this world. Something that will catch people’s eye and won’t let them forget.
  • People hungry – Popular look into Andy Warhol The Factory.
  • Happy – what conveys happiness? Colour lots of it especially bright colours.

Will this make my work stronger? More interesting? Also, will it convey my concept which I need to figure out which will possibly change?

Still looking at celebrity culture/ idolisation, I will focus more on myself and how it affects me. This will allow me to explore more into the celebrity world and it will be more of an interest. Doing this will stop the repetition in the work and give it that push that it needs.



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