Individual Piece.

As the field module comes to an end we were asked to create a final outcome. Initially, I was at a stump, then I made this!

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The idea of these projections was to play with the desired one has to become someone else. It creates this paint-like effect which is also rather strange looking.

From these projections, I wanted to bring 3D elements into the work by using paper. The ideas have been taken from the Shadow Play & Light is Colour Workshops.

Successful? I believe they are as using the layers gives the photograph dynamic and really makes the images pop. It also elaborates on the paint-like strokes on the faces.

Although these photographs were successful and I really enjoy them, I felt like they were sitting on the edge of field and were slightly tipping into subject. To push myself into field more I decided to bring more elements in from Light is Colour.

From that revelation, the true beauty came to life:


The use of screen print really highlighted the shadows and features that were in the original photograph. Colours were inspired by the colours that were in the photograph obviously I played on them and made them a lot more sickly, however, I still played with complementaries.

To create layers paper was folded so it would bounce back, a technique that is used in Pop-up books.



As some of the print work wasn’t confident enough I worked back into the prints. This created texture with direct correlation to the photographs.



LaChapelle & Höch.


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