Light is Colour.

For this we had to create:

  • Two pots of complimentary colours which would be mixed with medium ready for screen printing.
  • The colours would be used to print onto different coloured card/paper which would enable us to play with transparency and layering.
  • The patterns were created simply by cutting out irregular shapes and placing onto acetate. Patterns are mainly random and have no concept behind them.

Out of all of the prints, I believe the top right on is the most successful because the yellow works well with the purple and because a lot of the layers are translucent which allows the yellow fight with each other.

From these prints, a 3D sculpture was created. The sculptural piece was to be hung mainly for light to enter and cast shadows across the room. This will happen because of the intricate shapes in the main cylinder which is a different print taken from Heledd.


When put into groups the idea of creating intricate cut outs was taken forward.

  • We used the same print several times and layered it in a cylinder form
  • This allows us to play with light to create shadow work.
  • The colour combination was not deliberate, maybe we should have considered the colours more as it would have looked more pleasing if the colours were either complimentary or we just aesthetically pleasing.


  • Taking the piece into a dark piece and adding a light inside would have been the next step.
  • The idea of playing with shadow and form is something of interesting. Possibly could be carried out into my own work as I enjoyed the process.

Sarah Morris:


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