David LaChapelle.

The use luriScreen Shot 2017-06-03 at 21.04.26d colours, bizarre imagery and the celebrity world come together to create photography that is aesthetically pleasing and fun.

Being overweighted with colour brings this sense of artificialness to his work and highlights the side of being a celebrity the public normally shy away from. Why does LaChapelle want to show this? I believe he shows the celebrities in a bizarre yet playful composition as he knows he will receive a positive response from both the celebrity world and societies from around the world.

This type of work started to come about when LaChapelle returned to his roots of being a fine art photographer where he explores themes such as celebrity fascination, positivity and recognition.

David LaChapelle: can the king of hyper-real photography help heal the world?

This article explores LaChapelle importance in today’s society and how he highlights important factors like Trump becoming present, in the new Diesel campaign. It also indicates the presence of the LaChapelle style in Instagram feeds like Beyonces and snapchat filters which people around the world have access to.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 21.04.16

As LaChapelle believes imagery is important and powerful which is shown in his work by combing the themes mentioned above with the lurid colours which bring attention a skill which I want to bring to my work in both the Field and Subject modules.

David LaChapelle: ‘Fashion, beauty and glamour are the mark of civilisation’


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