Do Ho Suh: Passage/s – Victoria Miro (March 2017)

Victoria Miro held an excellent exhibition that was made up of several different pieces of work by DO HO SUH all of which were made by using different techniques with fabric as the main material. What really draws my attention with the work is the size and how such a delicate material is supported to create mimics of rooms that have a meaning to Do Ho Suh.



What is it that fascinates me with this work I keep asking myself and the answer is the detail and time that has gone into his work. From researching his work in the past I was always pushed to see it in person but never had the opportunity until the Victoria Miro had it for a short time and I had to go just to look at the small details. It is the everyday small things that you know are there but don’t always take notice off that are present in this work. For example, the writing on the fire alarm and the switch which is all visually created by using stitch. What frustrates me a little though is the use of the English language in the work. Since his nationality is South Korean the use of the Korean language would have made it that little more personal for me as an artist.


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