Painting Collage


Pushing my collages further I wanted to combine the idea of celebrity endorsement and also playing with scale. In this image, I have created a collage of Kim Kardashian holding a giant lipstick which is to represent a form of advertisement that marketing could possibly use to sell their product.

The collage reminds me of pin- up girl art, this coming from the strong feminine empowerment coming from the posture and facial expression on the model.

To take this even further I began to paint the model onto an A1 piece of cartridge paper.

This was simply just to again play with scale. I used mainly block and bold colours in my palette to resemble the idea of pop art. I did this to make the image fun and also witty to look at.

To add layers to this piece of work the lipstick and arm would be made of wood cut into the correct shapes. Using this material which will contrast with the flat 2D paper will bring immediate attention to the artwork. These pieces of work will also be painted in striking colours to bring that shock factor.


This is the final outcome of the piece of work. The arm and lipstick were stuck together and then nailed to the wall. The lipstick was positioned in this way to give you the idea that she was applying it. However, it also gives a second connotation of a sexual activity. I like this idea because it plays with her female empowerment and also stereotyping something which was accidently and not purposely done.

There is one final part which will need to be added to the work and that is to collage facial features on. This is to create an extreme shock factor and really make the audience question the concept of the work. Also I want them to find it comical.


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