Remake Remodel Subculture Style and Identity – (27/10/2016)

The Hip- Hop subculture is one that used resignification in their work and stood for something. The were a known as a black African-American  lower-class subculture who made the statement that America is their home but so is the land of their ancestors. This was shown through their clothing and style in general.

Afrocentrism is a theme that emerged in hip hop style which references to their homeland and black culture and way there are so many black societies in American due to black culture and history.

————————————————————————–In addition to the checklist on the goths:

  • Analysis
  • Bringing back a style with a new intake
  • Combining different meanings i.e. Victoriana
  • Drawing on historical sources to create a meaning in work
  • Inspiration comes from all disciplines.
  • Cultural context – where meanings are generated from. Androgynous – broken gender rules, beauty, challenged rules on make-up and clothing.
  • Symbolism – to convey meanings.
  • Literary context – influences can come from anywhere, literature, movies etc.
    • Re-signification: changing the connotations of objects, imagery, and cultures. JUXTAPOSE, changing the function and meanings.
    • Borrowing from the past and recycling. The association with the trilby and the links with white culture like the Mercedes.
    • Rule breaking.
    • Expressing themselves like the goths, however, in a different way.
    • Political meanings in a creative way.
    • Artisan
    • Using cultural influences in work. i.e. the hip-hop guys would use African influences alongside American influences to create a fusion. VISUALLY AND MATERIALLY.
    • One object to create links to each other.
    • Exaggeration – definitely something to be used in collages. Play with size!!!!
    • Style influenced by society.
    • Think about how you are seeing things differently.

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