Column Analysis:


Image of column analysis of GOD SAVE THE QUEEN – SEX PISTOL SINGLE COVER by Jamie Reed (1977)

The column analysis process helps unpick a chosen image and analysis the image in a much easier simpler way. It allows you to easily see the connections in a piece of work.


This technique will help build up my essay for both formative and summative assessment.

With the columns I have done so far I have been having difficulty with the second and third columns (analysis and theory) something I have always struggled with, however, the more I do the better I am getting with it. A difficulty, for example, is finding the correct connotations for each denotation that I have found. This is something that I can overcome by researching my chosen area more to gain more knowledge of the connections and links that subcultures have.

I will use the columns analysis to find the connotations and theory of the image ________ by _____ for my formative assessment.



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