NeoPixels- Indoor Suns (Session 1)

For the second material project, the aim is to create a circuit with several different neo-pixels or LEDs. This circuit will become part of an object and then placed in an installation with an edited video.

This is the first circuit that I created by soldering each wire on the back of the neo-pixel. The process was difficult to learn however, this has become easier by practicing more.

The lights following the system of red, green, blue (RGB) and you can change the variations of the colours and mix them to create different shades. This can be done using the Arduino software. Arduino allows you to create a code that the circuit will follow. (VIDEO TO FOLLOW)

I will next create a circuit of ten lights which I will be able to either place in an object that I have created or in a found object.


(This video is an example of different colours that can be created using Arduino)




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