Newport Street Gallery, London (14/10/2016) Jeff Koons – NOW

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As soon as I found out this exhibition was on I knew I had to go. The work created by Koons is an inspiration which plays a major part in my work.

Seeing the work in person created a new connection. Looking deep into the reflection created by the aluminium balloon monkey and elephant creates worlds where you wonder into oblivion. To break this endless oblivion, self-evaluation is a key part. By this I mean you need to create a deep connection with the work to understand the meaning behind Koon’s crazy and miraculous mind.

The balloon Monkey is one of my favourites due to it’s looming gigantic size. It fills the void in a room. The giantness of the sculpture strangely brings a content feeling when looking at it where such a large structure normally creates an anxious atmosphere to the viewer which this does the complete opposite.

This is definitely a show that I advise everyone to visit.


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