Wade Guyton, Das New Yorker Atelier, 2017 [Serpentine Gallery London]

Wade Guyton’s Das New Yorker Atelier abridged version shows sensitivity to his surroundings and the inspection that takes place towards how the constant interaction between images, technologies, spaces and bodies are mutated and that this presents us with the portrait of the relationship between the digital world and us.

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The collection of work shows the exploration of impact digital technologies has on image production and the artistic process in the 21st century.  To create the work Guyton uses a process that is different to the traditional painting methods. He utilises computers, inkjet printers, scanners and iPhone cameras to create the large-scale paintings and also smaller pieces of work that are done on paper.

Purposely misusing the technology he explores the ‘anatomy of digital images’ by testing the abilities and limits of the tech. Sheets of material, mainly canvas, are folded and then run through the printers. The thickness of the materials and also the surfaces on which this all takes place work hand in hand with each other to create the technical glitches, distortions and smears and this creates the attention to the process.


The exhibit itself was seen as a single body of work and not a collection. This is an interesting factor as it is not a way of displaying that I have considered in the past. It makes sense as displaying the work as one it witnesses inception and fabrication.



Ideas Lab 1…


The ideas lab was a strong introduction to the year and to also help generate work at a fast pace. The images are responses from Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film #59. This image was given to me by someone else. I focused mainly on the movement, isolation and the background rather than the main subject which is Sherman. Focusing on these elements created an abstracted response. Using a mixture of material given, gave me the ability to create the response to the movement.


.. yEar 2

Returning for the second year has highlighted negatives and positives in the work that I produced throughout the summer. I believed that the imagery of Barbie being ‘destroyed’ conveyed that she isn’t this perfect role model, instead to my peers and tutor she was described as “a woman who has been raped and left in the mountains.”

From this feedback, I can understand why and it is a fault that needs to be resolved. To strengthen my concept of Barbie and also to the brief work alongside my practice I will conduct the following:

  • Research into the origins of Barbie and the meaning of her.
  • Research into Greek mythology and art.
  • Find an artefact/ object/ artwork for the brief
  • Begin to read about Versace.

Bringing Greek mythology into my work will create connections with the obsession of having a ‘perfect’ look that has been created by societies.

Barbie Who?


Barbie, a classic icon of pop culture. A doll that took the world with her blonde locks and the ‘perfect’ body when she came alive in the 1950’s. She has been part of children’s toy boxes since then. In recent years Barbie has been rather controversial regarding the idea of a perfect body shape, the perfect way to look which, to Barbie’s designers is to be skinny, tall, blonde, white and blue eyed and this is the superior look!

Due to this controversy and up roar from women around the world the designers created a range known as the Fashionista’s which is a collection of mixed race dolls, different shapes, heights and hair colour showing that this iconic doll has moved on with the times.


Even though this doll has changed over the years the main characteristics mentioned above are present in every doll.

But why?

The reason why I am bringing Barbie into this summer project is to connect the brief with my fascination with pop culture and the empowering it has on societies. The idea is to resignify the iconic look of the doll. Barbie has played many roles throughout her life such as a police officer, fire officer, nurse, dog sitter, mermaid, princess but never a girl that goes on nights out to enjoy and meet people. She is always shown as well behaved and the perfect role model. This will soon be changed.

To re-signify the connotations of this doll, I will use destruction as a major part. I will take a particular Barbie doll, bought from a store, to different locations and break her image up a bit by bit. This will involve:

  • Burning
  • Breaking parts of the doll
  • Paint


Once the doll has been resignified and a bricolage between destruction and pop culture has been made she will be placed back into her packaging ready to be sold on.

The new Barbie will be branded under my Instagram persona, Charlie Lovelock. The name will be placed somewhere on the box in gold foiling.